Cookies on the Aforismi Frasi website

The Aforismi Frasi website operates from two domains ( and, that share a common design and structure. The information below refers to both of these domains.

Cookies are small data files that are sent to your computer or mobile phone from a website’s computer (server) and stored on your device’s hard drive. Most websites you visit will use cookies in order to improve your user experience by enabling that website to ‘remember’ you, either for the duration of your visit (using a ‘session cookie’) or for repeat visits (using a ‘persistent cookie’). Cookies cannot be used to identify you personally.

The Aforismi Frasi uses information supplied by cookies to help understand the number of people who use the website, and how they use it, so that we can continuously make improvements to it.

If you do not wish to accept cookies on to your device you can do so by adjusting the settings on your browser. provides a guide to how you can do this on the most commonly used browsers. However, be aware that if you do block cookies, some features of this website may not be available to you and some web pages may not display properly.

The table below lists the cookies that are used by the Aforismi Frasi website. We have divided these into three groups, depending on the purpose of the cookies.


These cookies are integral to the website functionality.

Cookie nameExpirySourcePurpose of cookie
When user logs out or closes the browser.aforismi-frasi.itTo ensure you remain logged in to the free digital image service during your visit.
When user closes the browseraforismi-frasi.itTo record which of our two ‘server pools’ you are connected to when browsing. To ensure you have a consistent experience as you navigate the site.
BMSearchWhen user closes the browseraforismi-frasi.itTo remember the type of search (either site or collection) you last performed when you use the search option on
lang60 daysaforismi-frasi.itTo remember your language preference in order to display the Visiting section in your chosen language on future visits.
SID1306 daysaforismi-frasi.itTo create a session ID so the site remembers you are logged in as you move around the site
QuenchAt end of Browser sessionaforismi-frasi.itTo create data to help manage the performance on Venda, our e-commerce platform.
RFID1306 daysaforismi-frasi.itTo create a user reference ID for you (including verification), for the purposes of session control.
lang1306 daysaforismi-frasi.itTo create a language code to set text in the language relevant to you as a visitor to our website.
locn1306 daysaforismi-frasi.itTo create a region code to help setting your region.
BMUI_RVI_0, BMUI_RVI_1, BMUI_RVI_2, BMUI_RVI_3, BMUI_RVI_4, BMUI_RVI_5, BMUI_RVI_67 daysaforismi-frasi.itTo record your six most recently viewed products so that we can display them to you if you return to our site.


These cookies capture information that help us to improve the user’s experience when using our website.

Cookie nameExpirySourcePurpose of cookie
_utma2 use Google Analytics, to record users’ activity and experience on the site. This helps us improve the website and report statistics to the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), our funding body. The data recorded by these cookies is only associated with the site, and cannot be accessed by other Google clients.To record the number of unique visitors to our site. This number is updated each time a page is viewed.
_utmb30 minutesTo establish and maintain your user session on our site.
_utmcWhen user closes the browserNo longer used by Google Analytics.
_utmz6 monthsTo record your country/locality of origin when you visit our website, whether directly, via a referring link, via a search engine, or via a campaign such as an advert or an email link. We use this cookie to calculate search engine traffic, advert campaigns and page navigation within our site. This cookie is updated each time you visit a new page on our website.
com.silverpop.iMAWebCookie1000 Silverpop is used by the for our e-marketing campaigns. The data recorded by these cookies provides statistics on our e-newsletters. It is only associated with the site, and cannot be accessed by other Silverpop clients.To create a unique identifier for each visitor to the site.
com.silverpop.iMA.page_visitWhen user closes the browserTo distinguish your first visit to our webpage from your subsequent visits.
com.silverpop.iMA.sessionLess than one dayTo create a unique identifier for your current browsing session.
session_start_timeWhen user closes the browserKampyle, used by the to colect customer feedback which is used to improve the website. The data recorded by cookies will be associated only with the website and cannot be accessed by other Kampyle clients.To record the time and the date that your user session started.
k_visit365 daysTo record the number of discrete user visits to the page.
push_time_startWhen user closes the browserTo record the time and date that the feedback “push invitation” was triggered.
k_push821 daysTo retain the 21 day invitation opt-out time limit. This is set if/when you decline a proactive feedback push invitation.
LMUID1000 uses Locayta, a service to help display related products (from within our own site, not third-party sites).To create a unique ID for you across your repeat visits to
LMSIDLess than one dayTo record a session for you as an individual website visitor.
LMSITEREFRERRER To enable us to track the origin of a website visit, whether direct, via a referring link, via a website search, or via a campaign such as an advert or an email link.
LMTRACKLess than one day 
newCurrWhen user closes the browseraforismi-frasi.itRecords the exchange rates of the available currencies.
setCurrency7 daysaforismi-frasi.itRecords the user’s currency preference so that exchange rate calculations can be made.
surveyxxxxxx60 daysaforismi-frasi.itTo remember your decision whether to take part in the website’s occasional online surveys. This cookie is set so that the popup invitation to take part in the survey does not appear again.
bm_mobileWhen user closes the browseraforismi-frasi.itTo remember your preference for viewing the mobile version of the site.
cookiesPolicy365 daysaforismi-frasi.itTo log that you have been shown the notification about cookies.
is_returning5 yearsaforismi-frasi.itTo improve your experience on our website


These cookies allow users of the website to use their social networks to extend their website visit.

Cookie nameExpirySourcePurpose of cookie
act, c_user, csm, datr, locale, lsd, lu, p, presence, reg_fb_ref, ref_fb_gate, s, sub, x-referer, on aforismi-frasi.itUsed by Facebook for their site. cookies are set if you are logged on to Facebook while the online shop is also open in your browser.
More about Facebook’s cookies
NID, APISID, HSID, SAPISID, SID, SSID, BEAT, ULS, on aforismi-frasi.itUsed by Google for their Google+ social network.
These cookies are set if you are logged on to Google while the online shop is also open in your browser.
Go to the Google Dashboard to control the information that Google stores about you if you have a Google account.
See also Google’s privacy policy.

If you have concerns about any cookies set by the please contact
the web team [email protected], and include a link to the page on which the cookie is set.